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                         alamo Exhibition Bird Club                                                                       Canary and finch society
                                     Established in 1971
                                                                                   all bird club since 1995                           

Dedicated to helping, educating, and encouraging everyone from beginners to the more experienced in raising birds. The population of domestic bred birds must be improved if our children and grandchildren are to enjoy the variety of birds seen today. Education and conservation are the best tools to combat this loss.

                                 BIRD CLUB AND RESCUE MISSION

The Coastal Bend Companion Bird Club & Rescue Mission 
seeks to promote an interest in companion birds through      communication with and education of pet owners, breeders and the general public. In addition, the CBCBC&RM strives to promote the welfare of all birds by providing monetary donations for the rescue and rehabilitation of wild birds and by placing abused, abandoned, lost or displaced companion bird foster care until permanent adoptive homes can be found.
  • Texas Bird Breeders and Fanciers is one of the oldest bird clubs in Texas. Established in 1947, one of the organizations main goals has been to host an annual bird show each year. 

In addition to having the annual all-bird show, TBBFA also has an Early Bird Spring Fair which is a fund-raiser to help pay for the annual show.

Showing birds helps to educate people about what to look for in good show birds, set goals for breeding standards and simply raise an awareness of aviculture in general.

                                     Our Purpose.........

     The Canary and Finch Society is a non-profit educational             organization. Our purpose inch, through educational                   programs, group discussions, publications, fairs, and bird           shows.

  Triangle Bird Club
Endangered means there's still time!

     Triangle Bird Club’s goal is to inform bird owners and              prospective bird owners how to provide the best care for
      their birds.

                 DALLAS FORT WORTH Exhibition Budgie Club


     The Dallas Fort Worth Exhibition Budgie Club (DFWEBC) is a       local club dedicated to the keeping, care, breeding and 

     exhibition of Budgerigars (budgies or parakeets.) The club         which is based in the D/FW area of Texas, USA is affiliated 

     with the Budgerigar Association of America (BAA.)



                      AMERICAN FEDERATION OF AVICULTURE                                                            NATIONAL COCKATIEL SOCIETY
                                         ESTABLISHED IN 1974                                                                                                         SINCE 1983                                             

The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. (AFA) is a national organization dedicated to aviculture, whose purpose is to educate the public and assist members regarding best practices for keeping and living with exotic birds.
          Whether it's your first pet cockatiel or your next Grand              Champion, NCS is here for you.

Welcome to the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation! The NPRPF is a 501(c)3 organization. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re homing of our parrot friends. NPRPF helps others understand the value and the need for parrot rescue through education, the Parrot Festival, and other relevant sources.

I'd like to personally welcome you to the North American Parrot Society (NAPS).  NAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating members about all species of parrots, improving show standards, and putting the fun and fairness back into showing birds.


                                                                                     Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors International (ABE)
Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors is a specialty club for the nine (9) species of birds called Agapornis. Besides the Agapornis species we also have several Divisions in our ABE School of Judges to accommodate different species in our bird shows. Our judge’s are all certified judges with specialties in different species from Finches, Canaries, Agapornis, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, and other types of Psittacines. The mission of the club is to provide education to the public regarding various aspects of the nine (9) species of Agapornis as well as other species and to provide funding for research to accredited universities performing research studies.